Air Conditioning Services

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You don’t have to strain your air conditioner and finances to keep your home cool when the summertime temperatures reach their highest. All you need is an HVAC contractor who knows how to ensure your AC system operates at peak efficiency. The comfort advisors at Carrollton Air Conditioning, Inc. specialize in working on all cooling systems.

Air Conditioning Installation in Seagoville TX, TX

The first step to making sure your air conditioner maximizes every energy dollar you spend to cool your home is to select the right system for it. That starts with a cooling load calculation. Our expert comfort advisors will take numerous factors into account to help you determine which type of cooling system will work best in your house.

Carrollton Air Conditioning, Inc. carries and installs a wide range of cooling systems. Depending on your cooling needs, we can install a central air conditioner, ductless mini-split or heat pump. We’ll make sure the cooling capacity of the system isn’t too large or too small for your home. As a result, your unit won’t strain itself or waste energy cooling your living spaces. We provide free estimates on new equipment installations.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Seagoville TX, TX

Your air conditioning system costs thousands of dollars. It’s critical to care for your investment in comfort if you want it to pay you back in energy and repair savings. At Carrollton Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer numerous ways for homeowners to take care of their cooling systems, including our preventive HVAC maintenance agreement. Customers who sign up don’t have to pay extra fees when they contact us for after-hours service.

24/7 Air Conditioning Repair in Seagoville TX, TX

Scheduling preventive AC maintenance at least once per year helps reduce your risk of requiring an air conditioner repair. But normal wear is inevitable, and an aging air conditioning system can break down at any time. When it does, you need to know that your HVAC contractor will repair the unit and restore your comfort as soon as possible.

Our comfort advisors work quickly to locate and fix the problem. We carry all the tools and replacement parts needed to finish most repairs in a single visit. If your air conditioning system is beyond repair, rest assured we can help you find a replacement and install it. We won’t stop until you feel comfortably cool in your home again. We provide free second opinions on air conditioner replacements and repairs more than $500.

Do you need air conditioner service in Seagoville TX, Lancaster TX, Hutchins TX, or the surrounding areas in Texas? Contact Carrollton Air Conditioning, Inc. today. Rest assured we background check and drug test all our employees.